Assisted Living

assistedCommunications Keeps Assisted Living Facilities Running Smoothly

Star2Star improves the operations of assisted living facilities by connecting locations, adding functionality, and reducing costs.

Connect Locations

Assisted Living Facilities often have multiple locations along with multiple tenants in each location. Star2Star connects your locations like never before. Our line pooling and bursting features, as well as the fact that all calls between numbers on the same account are free, greatly reduce the cost of running multiple locations.

Integrates with legacy PBX systems

Our next generation high performance high-density analog VoIP gateway is fully compliant with SIP standard and interoperable with analog PBX and phones on the market. This gateway allows them to enjoy the benefits of VoIP communications while preserving investment on existing analog phones and legacy PBX systems.

Reduce Costscutting_spending

The more manufacturers are able to reduce costs, the more they are able to increase profits. Star2Star has designed our entire solution to keep costs as low as possible. Our hardware runs with lower operating costs than that of competitors. We offer flexible billing and payment options. We also offer leasing and low-cost phone choices.

Incredible Functionality

We have solutions for voice, fax, instant messaging, video, conferencing, and more allowing you to communicate in whatever manner works best. User-friendly features such as cloud-based auto-attendants improve customer relations and help tenants communicate efficiently.