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Vencom Communications works with Partners Healthcare and many other organizations throughout New England. We are a one-stop solution for your structured cabling needs. Our highly trained team will design, install and implement a customized cabling solution that will meet your current and future communication needs as well as your budget.

Reliable Unified Communications:


Most medical professionals spend their time traveling from room to room, visiting patients. However, they must constantly remain in contact in case of emergency. Many specialists are always on call, even during off-hours. Star2Star enables the level of mobility demanded by healthcare with features such as Find Me/Follow Me, StarPhone for iPhone, and the ability to access voicemail through email. StarPhone for iPhone even lets healthcare professionals answer and make calls from their cellphone without displaying their personal Caller ID information.


Star2Star phone lines are virtual connections created over a broadband Internet connection. The lines are not assigned to any single location. They are part of a pool of lines that can be used from any location in your organization. You can purchase a pool of lines that is large enough to meet your entire organization’s peak usage needs, without having to purchase a fixed number of lines per location. Integrates with legacy PBX systems and analog phones.


Healthcare professionals must follow strict guidelines from the government and professional organizations to protect patient privacy. We are able to customize our systems to help our customers comply with HIPAA security standards. We also offer additional security protections such as StarGuard Secure Voice to ensure the security of your communications.

Medical Equipment

Improved Operations

Star2Star offers many features and services that simplify the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities. StarCenter makes inbound call centers easier to operate and manage, which is helpful for large hospitals and small practices alike. Our next generation high performance high-density analog VoIP gateway is fully compliant with SIP standard and interoperable with analog PBX and phones on the market, thus preserving the investment on existing analog phones and legacy PBX systems while gaining the savings and efficiency from Unified Communications.

Case Study

Learn How Star2Star’s Reliability Made A Big Difference For One Healthcare Company