Moves, Adds And Changes


Don’t let your office look like this.

Moving? Re-organizing? Changing? Expanding? A possible nightmare waiting to happen.

Your business cannot afford to be without phones or have the data system down for any length of time, especially during business hours. Vencom understands this, and implements office moves, additions and changes or upgrades to your telecommunications systems with minimal disruptions to your office operations.

Why choose us?  It is what we do every day. Our voice/ data and phone system expertise lets us quickly execute the changes while allowing your staff to focus on your core business. Vencom can help you determine:

  • When to implement the changes
  • Why the changes are needed
  • What exactly will need to be changed
  • Who will be affected
  • How long the transition will take
  • Budgetary requirements

Call us at 508-482-5800 for your next move, change or expansion project. Let us help you make a smooth transition.

We even coordinate with your phone/internet provider.

With our extensive experience and expertise in voice and data solutions we can execute moves, additions or changes with minimal impact on your operations and your employees’ productivity.

How We Helped A Payroll Company

The company doubled in size and moved to a new building, which had an existing, although insufficient, infrastructure. Vencom redesigned the existing data cabling and upgraded it to RCDD standards.

The day before the scheduled move-in, it was discovered that the service provider did not have the T1 line set up correctly. Vencom worked had-in-hand with the provider to correct the setup before the following business day.

The installation upgrade, the move and start-up were completed on time and to the full satisfaction of the client.