Office Phone Systems


We’ve been doing phone systems since 1985.

Our staff is trained and certified to ensure proper installation and proper end-user adoption:

We know that your business phone system is crucial. Frequent break downs won’t do. Complicated operation of the phones and their features is unacceptable. Lousy sound quality is not an option. Short circuits in the voice cabling are inexcusable. Unreachable technical support and repair teams are not ok.

We hear you and the pains you have gone through.

Vencom is a local company that represents industry leaders of innovate integrated telephone systems that have proven reliability, excellent sound quality and ease of use.

We leverage the technologies, our staff experience and technical skills to design and install powerful yet flexible phone systems that will meet your present communication needs and can grow with your business.

Whether you are a small business, mid-size business or large business, Vencom can develop a customized phone system solution that will let you communicate more efficiently and effectively.   Our expertise lies in working with you, our customer, to assess your needs and then develop an implementation road map of technology, solutions and services to meet those needs both now and into the future.

Our converged system solutions seamlessly support integrated voice and data communications for streamlined internal operations, increased employee productivity, reduced costs and better customer experience.   They offer browser based management platforms and feature rich telephony applications that deliver enterprise level performance and ease of use for businesses of all sizes and demands.

Vencom offers and supports a wide selection of feature rich phones to meet all your business’ needs. Our staff is experienced in the installation and servicing of:

  • Hosted phones (Cloud PBX, Unified Communications, Business Continuity)
  • Analog phones
  • Digital phones
  • Voice Over IP Technology (VOIP)


Specific office phone system services include:

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