NEC SL1100

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We design, install and service the NEC SL1100 Phone system.

  • This is great for businesses that don’t have Cat 5 or above cabling.
  • Improves communication and reduces phone and internet bill.


“The SL1100 can make your entire workforce more productive, wherever they are”

  1. Lowers your costs
    • Powerful communications for a small business budget
  2. Increases your productivity
    • Sophisticated solution, simple to use
  3. Excellent remote/home office capabilities
    • Office level functionality from your remote/home office
  4. Future-proofs your business
    • Value for your money and tailored to your needs
  5. Improves customer service
    • A solution to help you be more responsive and effortlessly boost your customer’s experience
  6. Keeps you up-to-date effortlessly
    • Never miss a thing with easy access to key information
  7. Stay connected from anywhere on site
    • DECT wireless handsets keep you in touch with colleagues and customers
  8. Simplifies Administration
    • System features and applications to make management easier
  9. Remain reachable on the road
    • Carry your office number with you using Mobile Extension or uMobility
  10. Reach crucial business decisions faster
    • Conferencing provides convenient options for meetings

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