Pooling and Bursting

 Sharing the Load, the Star2Star Way

Star2Star phone lines are virtual connections created over a broadband Internet connection with QoS (Quality of Service). The lines are not assigned to any single location. They are part of a pool of lines that can be used from any location in your organization. You can purchase a pool of lines that is large enough to meet your entire organization’s peak usage needs, without having to purchase a fixed number of lines per location.

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Star2Star provides users with a suite of features specifically designed to make your communications effortless and inexpensive:

  •  Answer any incoming call from any office
    • Never miss a call again no matter what office you are in
  • No-cost interoffice calling
    • Reduce your costs across the board
  • Share phone lines across several locations
    • No need to worry about separate lines for each office
  • Unified dialing plan across all locations
    • Simplify everything
  • Ring groups and call queues operate across locations
    • Easily handle multiple calls coming in at one time
  • Effortless multi-location call transfer
    • Transferring calls has never been easier