Voice Over Internet Protocol  (VOIP) office phone systems are an alternative to the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Vencom understands both the PSTN and the VOIP phone systems, their advantages and disadvantages. Your business’ unique situation, current and anticipated future requirements, serves as a guideline for Vencom’s team to determine the best phone system options for you.

Design and implementation of a VOIP office phone system for your business is done in consideration of your existing data networking systems, as well as possible future upgrades or expansions. It is critical to maintain smooth and uninterrupted communications between all your telecommunication system components.

Call us at 508-482-5800 and we will be happy to discuss your specific phone needs and help you determine if a VOIP office phone system is the best solution for your needs.

 Examples For Good VOIP Applications

  • Multi-site organizations
  • Businesses with sales teams, consultants, or technicians on the road

Minimal Requirements for a VOIP system

  • CAT5E or greater cabling
  • Broadband, high-speed T1 internet connection